Hi! I’m Tatenda. When I fully understood that as a woman I can own the ground I walk on and have a voice, that I am powerful and beautifully phenomenal, it transformed every aspect of my life’s journey. Growing up in Zimbabwe surrounded by beautiful, strong women, building and nurturing the self-esteem of young girls and instilling healthy body images and mindsets was hardly an explicit conversation. It was always deemed that by virtue of being around the women in your family you already knew the brilliance you possessed. As I grew older and tried to navigate the complexities of life and that of being a girl, I promised myself I would become the woman I needed when I was young and begin to have open and honest conversations with other young girls or women. To create that authentic dialogue that empowers, educates, encourages and inspires us to be true to ourselves and be in complete awareness that as girls, we are not less than, but rather forces of nature that are powerful beyond measure.

I’m a graduate of Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor’s in International Development Studies and Sociology, and I also completed a Master’s in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University. I have a heart and passion to contribute to the betterment of my local and global community, especially in empowering women and children and supporting their rights.

Over the past 4 years, I have been committed to doing extensive volunteer work in the combined fields of international development and education with the likes of World Vision Canada, WUSC and currently, the United Nations Volunteer Program. To paraphrase Michelle Obama, I believe that as humanity we cannot “ever truly flourish if we stifle the potential of women and deprive ourselves of the contributions of half of its citizens.” Let us not shrink down to being less than but to strive to being more. More brave. More exceptional. More powerful. More extraordinary. More passionate.