One Girl Can Make a Difference, but Together we can Rock The World!

One Woman/One Girl Ecuador Adventure is designed to bring women and girls together from around the globe together to create positive change in our world.

We believe that all women and girls are born leaders with incredible gifts to share with the world. This global impact can only be intensified by uniting together, to learn from each other, inspire, create and take action!

By attending this amazing trip, you will experience unique interactive activities, cultural enrichment, incredible excursions, life changing experiences, new friendships, and create memories to last a lifetime exploring the beauty and the people of Ecuador.

Our community fundraising project for this trip is to Build a Choza (Women’s Empowerment Centre)

Women’s groups in the Amazon gather together in a choza (hut), which provides them with a space to meet, practice their crafts in beading or weaving, and store their materials. The WE Villages programming focuses on financial literacy training, empowerment workshops, and leadership skills development with the group members. Chozas are built with steel and cements blocks, traditional thatched roofs and other traditional materials that honour the Amazonian culture. Their thatched roof protects them from the sun and rain and the hut provides enough space for the women to make their crafts together.  The products that the women create are sold to help build a sustainable village that supports clean water, health care, education and food for everyone in the community.

July 30th - August 11, 2019

Andes: July 30, 2019  – August 6, 2019.
Amazon: August 7, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Price for 12 days in Ecuador: $2,740
Flights and insurance not included

When booking, please use trip code: onegirl

Registration Deadline: Apr 30, 2019


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