A Morning of Women and Girls Coming Together in the Fight for Education for All Girls in the World!


Minga is a Quechua word spoken by Indigenous Groups in South America which means the coming together of people for the benefit of all.

Every child has the right to an education, an estimated 130 million girls around the world are not in school, and those who are, struggle to remain in the classroom.

And yet, it’s proven that when girls achieve an education, they have the opportunity to write their own future


Many barriers prevent girls from receiving the education they deserve. Most of these obstacles are unimaginable to many of us here in Canada, but for millions of girls in developing countries, it’s a daily reality. These include:

  • Child, early and forced marriage
  • Poverty
  • Poor health and nutrition
  • Family care, domestic housework and fetching water
  • Early pregnancy
  • Violence
  • The long distance to school
  • A lack of girls’ washrooms and feminine hygiene resources

Please join us in a super fun morning of joining together as women and girls to raise funds and awareness so that every girl’s dream of going to school can come true!

We know that when you educate a girl, that she can change the world!

What does your registration include?

  • A morning filled with fun activities for women and girls of all ages including physical activities, games, time to talk, connect, and reflect on what it means to each of us to be a girl in this world!
  • A One Girl Can Change the World Bandana
  • Healthy morning snack
This One Girl MINGA is in support of Me to We and our partnership with them to help educate girls around the world.  We ask that in addition to your registration, that each participant raises a minimum of $20 in pledges towards girls education and empowerment.
Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 fundraisers in each city!

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