As an active member of my community, I am focused on building connections. Connections to one another, to the land and the natural world, and most importantly to the self. Through years of growing up as a woman, an athlete, and someone who hasn’t always been sure of myself, I have found what it means to be the truest expression of my Self. With the knowledge and wisdom I have gained, by means of yoga and body movement, positive affirmations, journaling, listening to women who have walked before us, and finding moments of peace in the wild, I hope to help guide young women to walk a similar path. The path for each of us will always look different, however I am hopeful that in using some of these tools, it will allow for our young girls and women to be strong, empowered, and ultimately their most authentic and vibrant self.

I live in Thunder Bay, and can often be found outside learning lessons on how to stand tall from the trees, and how to go with the flow from Lake Superior. As a sailor, a rock climber, grower of many gardens, and a yoga teacher, I feel my most beautiful with the sun on my face, the wind in my hair! I currently study Geography and Outdoor Recreation at Lakehead University and teach yoga to a variety of populations, with a focus on understanding trauma, and working with women in a safe and nurturing space.