Dalit Freedom Network Canada is a charitable organization working to open the doors of freedom for the marginalized and low caste people groups in India. The word ‘Dalit’ means downtrodden, broken or crushed; as such, those marked as Dalits in India are considered to be so impure that even their mere touch severely pollutes members of all other castes. Dalit Freedom Network Canada is committed to providing quality, English medium education to the low caste children and rural communities of India.  The organization’s goal is to impart human worth and dignity, spiritual renewal and social equality to all, regardless of their background.

Why English?  In India, a quickly developing country that sports equal extremes of wealth and poverty, the English language is the gateway to opportunity and possibility; without it, furthering their education at either a college or university is not possible.

Meet Runjun, a young girl from the North Indian State of West Bengal.  Our Good Shepherd School is the only English medium school in her area, which is why her community was so thrilled when her school was built. Runjun attends grade 1 and her favourite subject is Environmental Studies. She loves to draw and is working hard in her classes to achieve her goals.  With the support and prayers of her sponsors Runjun will hopefully complete all seven grade levels available at the Good Shepherd School in her community and go on to complete her grade 10 examinations. For students in India, passing their grade 10 exams is the key to opening the door to all higher education.

Without Dalit Freedom Network’s schools, Runjun would never have the opportunity or knowledge that there are infinite possibilities available to her outside of her small agricultural community.  Let’s champion freedom, together.

Our gift of gratitude!

With a donation of $40 or more, to any of our projects, you will receive a One Girl Rafiki bracelet. Rafiki is the Swahili word for friend. Each Rafiki friend bracelet comes with a TrackYourImpact code that you can see how you are helping make education possible for all girls in this world.


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