Meet nine year old Marigold Mioc who is going into grade 4. Marigold was Little Miss Calgary in 2016 and attended many events in the city during her reign. She volunteered her time, fundraised, and gave speeches as a representative of Calgary. Since she was five, Marigold has been an entrepreneur, making and selling flower headbands through her business called Marigold’s Heart Garden.

Marigold is passionate about human rights and politics, and she loves gymnastics, reading, travel and animals. Her goal is to be Prime Minister one day so she can help people and make a difference in the world.  Marigold’s community-mindedness and desire for growth takes her to human rights rallies, community events and motivational workshops, including seeing Tony Robbins in 2017! She enjoys attending policy planning meetings and has worked on writing her own policy for continuing education.

Marigold loves to get involved and has used her own money to help sponsor a family from Syria as a Group of 5 sponsorship, and for helping the homeless by buying them food, Christmas gifts and toys. She has also helped with securing baby item donations for Made by Momma, a local charity, as well as donations of toys, furniture and clothing for newcomer families.

Marigold is One Girl making a difference in this world!


Wishes for the World

  • I would like for everyone to have a chance to get an education.
  • I would like to help end homelessness and make sure everyone has the same opportunities and has their needs met for food, shelter and clothing.
  • I would like to see everyone treated with respect, kindness and dignity

How and why?

I would make it easier for people to go back to school by making a residence that is close to the university, which has childcare, laundry, study lab, shared kitchen and services all in one building to make it convenient for people who want to go back to school. I would also like to make some policies which will help students-maybe with free university and support from the government for people who live in poverty to go back to school. I would like to help people who are homeless to find housing and then help them with any problems that made them become homeless-like if they need to go back to school, or if they have had health problems, to get help for that.

Her advice for girls her age:

You can make a difference at any age. I met Spencer West in Kenya and he said “Don’t listen to what other people think or say—just do what you want, it’s your life and your goals”. You have to do what’s right for you, what you are passionate about and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t. Maybe they say that because they know THEY can’t do it-but YOU can

Her superpower:

Public speaking. I want to share the message to everyone that you can do it! You are important! You matter! Go and try your dreams and don’t give up.

The most exciting thing that has happened to her in her leadership journey:

The most exciting thing so far has been going on the WE trip to Kenya. I learned so much and I saw people living a life that was very different in some ways, but also learned how much we have in common. I met a girl at Kisaruni school who loves to rap (which I also love) and I met some kids who taught me some songs in Swahili and we clapped our hands together and played and had so much fun, even though we didn’t speak the same language

Her hero/role model:

I have many role models: Malala because she fights for the rights of girls to go to school, Martin Luther King Jr who fought for equal rights, Marc and Craig Kielberger, Sharla Brown, Mpumi Nobiva, Tony Robbins who inspires everyone to reach their goals, Patti Falconer-my agent who sadly passed away but made me believe so much in myself.

What motivates her to get involved and pursue your dreams as a young leader:

Being around other motivating people who have done things, at any age, they motivate me and I’m inspired by them to see what is possible. Anything is possible. I want to make positive change in the world, I think anyone can make a difference and if we all do even a small part, it adds to big change.

Why she wants to be Prime Minister of Canada:

I would like to help make the world better for everyone, I want all people to have the same rights and freedoms. I want to help end homelessness. I want to help people get a good education and good opportunities

What she thinks is her biggest accomplishment so far?

Raising money for the WE Trip to Kenya and helping to build a dorm residence for students. That was a huge goal for me to be able to participate and I learned so much. I would like to sponsor a girl to attend Kisaruni school.

The most challenging obstacle she has faced and how she overcame it:

People not believing in me because of my age. People not taking my ideas seriously because I’m young. I want to participate and do things but sometimes people don’t think I can. I just do it anyways.

What she thinks is the most confusing thing for kids (especially girls) her age:

I think it’s not believing in yourself and also if you think people won’t take you seriously because of your age. Or because some people may still think that girls can’t do certain things, or that they need to act only in certain ways. I recently cut my hair very short and was surprised at peoples’ reactions. Many people expect girls to have long hair and people asked if I was sick, or had lice or cut it just to donate it. I said I liked how it looks and it seems like people had a hard time accepting that. That made me think there are still beliefs of how a girl “should” look which can be confusing. I think people should look however they want, not how society expects.

What she would tell a girl your age who is struggling with that confusing thing:

Believe in yourself, the best way to do this is to be around people who you admire and look up to. You will see what they can do, and they will make you feel like you can do it too. It matters a lot who you hang around with. It’s great to be around people who are positive and encourage you to follow your dreams. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, you will start to very soon with people like that around you!

Her favourite inspirational quote:

  • “Stop crying and start trying”
  • “Stop, Drop and Roll” (1. Stop crying and wasting your time; 2. Drop the tv remote and get off the couch; 3. Roll to your goal)

Thanks Marigold!  One Girl hearts you!