Hi! I’m Sydney. As a second year Education Student, I understand the importance of education and am passionate about helping girls achieve their full potential. Prior to my studies with Western University’s Faculty of Education, I studied at Brescia University, graduating with a double major in Psychology and Family Studies. Being a student at Canada’s only all women’s university, I was introduced to the importance of empowering girls and women to become strong leaders.

Over the past three years working with the YMCA of Western Ontario, I have had experience working with girls of all ages. Working with their Day Camp and Child and Youth programs I have seen first-hand the strength these girls possess. However, I have also experienced instances where they don’t have the confidence to fully use these strengths. It is my goal to empower girls to be self-confident with the hope that this confidence helps them pursue their dreams.

I am extremely excited to be a member of the One Girl London team as empowering women and girls is a passion of mine. I also very much look forward to being empowered myself as young girls are so full of hope and have much to teach us as adults.