Hi! I’m Leanne. I believe that the journey to a fulfilled life and embraced self shouldn’t be a lonely one. I specialize in addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image, and trauma, and my goal is to connect with others on a deep, personal level while offering a non-judgmental, safe environment. Acting as co-pilot on the route to positive self-exploration and healthy solutions for change, I bring a natural, compassionate approach to the way in which I deliver information to both individuals and groups.

I am a graduate of the Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy’s intense three-year relational psychotherapy program, and a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). I have over nine years’ experience as a therapist. Prior to the completion of my relational psychotherapy studies, I completed a psychology and fine arts degree from York University, which has provided me with a solid base throughout my career as both an art therapist and psychotherapist. I recently just completed the CITC (Certified Trauma Informed Clinician) program at ATTCH (Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing) and am currently pursuing training at the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute.

I have a deep passion for helping others succeed mentally, emotionally, and physically. My passion stems not only from my professional experience and education, but from personal experience as well. Throughout my own journey of self-healing and exploration, I have come to learn that my true passion in this life is to help guide and support others. In addition to my private practice, I spend time public speaking and facilitating. I run regular workshops on Anxiety, Body Image, and Eating Disorders.  I also spend time speaking on topics that I feel very passionate about and also sharing my own story of healing. The experience of sharing and connecting to a large group of courageous and vulnerable individuals is one of the most moving and inspiring experiences! I feel I have a natural ability to deliver value through purposeful information and personal insight that helps stimulate change and positive development to an array of audiences. Most importantly, I have immense passion around both inspiring and encouraging others and know that change is possible at any point in one’s life!