As I continue on this One Woman / One Girl journey to empower all women and girls in this world, I am constantly thinking of ways we can create a bigger impact and a greater change for the future of women and girls globally.

The Vancouver event was the launch of our one-to-one sponsorships, connecting women who want to empower a girl in the world through education.  We were blessed to meet Jennifer, who was our first sponsor for a young girl from Rwanda, named Chantal.

Like all of the women that attend One Woman Fearless events, Jennifer is extraordinary and has quite the story of her own. Jennifer lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Years ago, when her and her husband wanted to start a family of their own, they were not able to conceive.  They tried IVF, but deep-down Jennifer knew that adoption was calling on her heart.  They adopted two African American boys, now ages 14 and 16. Little did she know that a few years later, she would become a single mom.

Along with being an incredible mother, Jennifer is a Fearless Leader with her own business, Ebert Enterprises. This company helps small and medium size businesses grow to massive successes!

When I asked Jennifer to share what brought her to her first Fearless event, she said that after the 4th time seeing the ad on Facebook, she knew this is where she was supposed to be. Her greatest lesson from that day was that people need to take the time to invest in themselves. Attending the Fearless Vancouver event resonated with her giving spirit, and the speakers taught her that we are all still growing and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Jennifer said the opportunity to sponsor a girl in Rwanda called on her heart that day.  For only $41 a month she could help her sponsored child, Chantal, realize her dream of opening her own beauty salon one day.  Jennifer knows that when you educate and empower a girl, you are not just impacting her life, but her entire family and even future generations to come. The ripple effect when you educate and empower a girl is endless.

When I asked Jennifer what wish she has for Chantal’s life, she did not hesitate in her answer. Jennifer said that her wish was that Chantal knows each day that she is cared for, valued and loved!

Written by Sharla Brown, 1 Girl Founder