Girls 8-10 begin to have a desire for increased independence from parents and siblings, and want to be seen as intelligent, competent and knowledgeable. They are more and more curious about the world around them, and especially, about relationships, social roles and limits. Peer relationships and fitting in are becoming increasingly important to them, and giving them the opportunity for positive social interactions and positive role models is critical. Girls also start to face an increase in social cruelty and bullying at this age, and developing confidence, emotional maturity and effective communication skills will help them form close bonds and positive friendships that will enable them to confidently navigate the halls and playgrounds at their schools, as well as have positive experiences in activities outside school.

Attending our One Girl Inspired events will help your girls build the skills necessary to navigate their new social norms, prepare them for their tween and early teen challenges, inspire them on a path of leadership and help them become strong, confident individuals who will make a difference in the world. Enroll your young leader for our upcoming events!

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