The tween and early teen years can be complicated for many girls and have been described as ‘storm and stress’. Transitioning to middle school, noticing their bodies (and moods!) change as puberty arrives, navigating friendships, and starting to carve out the identities that will carry them into adulthood. They start to get more curious about and involved in social media, face increases in peer pressure, bullying and social cruelty, and strive for independence and individuality. Girls this age tend to be highly self-conscious and start to become exceedingly worried about how others perceive them, so continuing to build their self-esteem, confidence and strength is crucial.

It doesn’t need to be storm and stress! Our One Girl Encouraged events will give girls the tools they need to navigate this complicated time and emerge as their truest, most authentic and fearless selves to become successful and happy teens and adults. Enroll your young leader for our upcoming events!

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