As we empower girls through our One Girl events and programs, we are also partnering with charities around the world to help provide education for all girls in the world. We know that when you educate and empower a girl, that she will change the world!


Each month, our dynamic One Girl Facilitators will lead participants in fun and engaging activities that cover unique and interesting topics that are relevant, but also sometimes confusing for girls in each age group. This will include topics such as:

  • positive body image
  • self esteem
  • bullying
  • peer pressures
  • self care
  • impacts of social media
  • ¬†mindfulness
  • gender stereotypes
  • standing up for what you believe in
  • helping others
  • building confidence
  • developing leadership skills
  • effective communication
  • positive relationships
  • making a difference in the world

And SO much more! Girls will have the opportunity to connect with our One Girl Chapter Leaders and Facilitators who will help them learn, engage and grow. They will also connect with their peers through activities that will help them understand themselves and others. Many new friendships have been formed during our One Girl events!

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Sharla Brown


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Jacqueline Forbes-Dyck

Program Developer

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Leanne Sawchuk

Program Developer

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Rahma Ahmed

Program Developer

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Reegan Bushby

Program Developer

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Tatenda Mhaka

Program Developer

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One Girl Chapters

Our goal is to build strong, confident girls around the world!

We are looking for entrepreneurs who would like to start and lead a One Girl Chapter. If you have a passion for building self esteem, confidence and empowering our next generation of female leaders in your city we would love to to hear from you!

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